Everyone deserves to live, learn and earn!

Highways & Byways

Trinity Without Borders was the dream of a child runaway from North Carolina, who at age 11 became a human trafficking victim. Through a dark and savage childhood, she always, always felt blessed on the inside and wanted to help others. 

South Beach Pier in the 70's

Preferring to escape the nightmarish situations, she began sleeping under the old pier at South Beach in Miami, Florida. She lived at the pier until it became extremely dangerous around the time of the Mariel Boatlift. 

Coconut Grove to Key West

Through the generosity of numerous Miamians, Conchs and people from all over the world, the child grew into a woman who knew, one day she would return the love and care given to her. 

Her Sister's Keeper

Coming out of years of addiction and homelessness, the daughter of a wonderful woman named Gladys Guillory asked her sister Janice, who had lived through many years of domestic violence, to fund her to open an organization to bring women off the street into safehavens.

Family Affair

The mission of Trinity Without Borders has been carried out by family members, friends, neighbors, and many volunteers, to bring it to it's present day purpose of homeless prevention, supportive services and  affordable homeownership opportunities for people with incomes under $50,000. 

Homeless 2 Homeowner

We are pleased to continue into our 16th year of empowering the disadvantaged and 13th year as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization!

Our primary purpose of converting the homeless to homeowners brings new joys, new challenges and new opportunities each new year!