Random Acts of Kindness of a Genius Entrepreneur

'Lucky Day'


Harvey Vengroff, the founder of Vengroff Williams Inc. delayed retirement to address the crucial need of affordable housing. He planted the seeds that have blossomed into the safe, dignified and attainable housing, our communities are under extreme demand to provide. He also taught Trinity Without Borders, the principle of sustainability as an organization. We celebrate his gift of a place to live for so many, by proclamation of the Manatee Florida County Commission. January 20 is named 'Lucky Day' and perform random acts of kindness in honor of him. 

Live Learn Earn


Trinity Without Borders opened the 240 unit repurposed hotel named Robin's Apartments in July of 2016, in partnership with Harvey and Robins Apartments LLC. 

Trinity created the Live Learn Earn program at this location as an umbrella to provide the opportunity for a person or family to enter an access point that led them to necessary resources, such as a place to live, learn and earn- leading to eventual homeownership. 

Port of Call


Into the Future